Late last year, a movement named Idle No More sprung up in Canada and quickly spread across the continent in response to attacks to indigenous rights and damage to the environment. Environmentalist Bill McKibben recently encouraged his readers to think of INM as the Occupy movement, “but with deep, deep roots.”

There have been dozens of INM actions in Canada, including the blockade of the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal track of CN Rail, occupation of major highways, and traditional circle dances by thousands of First Nation members and their supporters that clogged major tourist and shopping districts from Toronto to Calgary.

Now, INM has come to the United States. The US is one of many countries holding #J11 Global Day of Action events (#IdleNoMore on Twitter) in which allies have planned protests in support of the Canadian movement. Actions are planned in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.